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There are a variety of services available at Bit Style.The cheapest session is a 900 Baht ( USD) handjob massage course that lasts 30 minutes.

There is also a VIP room available for an extra 100 Baht that includes a “head and ball massage” but I can’t comment on it.

Japan is filled with pink salons, South Korea has its lip cafes, and Vietnam has many but many of those places are off limits to foreigners and people who can’t speak the local language.

That’s not the case in Thailand where the bars are not only open to English-speaking foreigners but specifically cater to them.

Since starting this website in 2012 I’ve spent a lot of time reporting on blowjob bars.

A lot of that reporting has focused on Thailand simply because it is probably the country with the most blowjob bars available to the average Joe.

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