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And before you ask about the difference in names, Colleen kept her maiden name when they married." Harrison's face was still skeptical. "Father Mac is one of the most influential men in town." "Oh, really? "I wouldn't have thought a priest would have that much influence, except on spiritual matters, of course. " "It's hard to say, but he's just one of the most decent people you'll ever meet."Colleen, Father Mac, I'd like to introduce you to Carter Harrison, the new Executive Director of the United Fund," Charlton said heartily."That doesn't sound like a very helpful attitude to take," he said mildly. Calling an old fart like me just slows down the transition." Father Mac smiled at him. Besides, you know more about this United Fund than anybody else around." The two finished their lunch and agreed to stay in touch.Afterwards, as he returned to his little office at St. "Bob is leaving behind some awfully big shoes to fill, but I'm looking forward to the challenge." Preston Charlton, the president of the bank that was hosting the reception, beamed happily as he skillfully guided his guest of honor around to meet other invitees. " Charlton looked around to see where Carter Harrison was indicating, and a smile came to his face. She's the director of one of your member agencies, the Second Chance Women's Shelter. You've got to meet them." Carter's face took on a puzzled expression. And not just members of his parish either." "Well let's go meet this paragon priest," Harrison said. "Preston here has told us such marvelous things about you! "We'll all miss Bob Allen, of course, but we're so excited to have you succeed him at the United Fund." "You're very kind to say so," Carter Harrison responded. "And why is it so important that I meet Father Maclanahan? Everybody likes and trusts him, and everybody goes to him for counsel and advice.Once the introductions were made all around, Father Mac smiled at Harrison."Preston tells us that before you entered the non-profit sector you had quite a career at Proctor & Gamble.

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Ann's regularly conducted clothing drives and operated a soup kitchen to help them.

"Well, I know a certain husband who could take a few lessons on paying compliments to his wife," she said with a saucy grin.

"Are you talking about the husband with the hottest wife at the reception tonight? When Colleen grinned at him, he went on, "See: I may not be the most debonair husband, but at least I'm teachable." With that he made a grab for his wife, who giggled as she eluded his grasp and ran into the bedroom, making sure that he was hot on her heels.

"One of the techniques I've used very successfully is to establish small inter-agency task forces to tackle some of the issues that communities face. O'Reilly, Preston here tells me that you're one of the most energetic and successful agency heads in the city. That sounds like a great idea." After the reception, when Mac and Colleen had returned to the parsonage, he teased Colleen about her blush.

Perhaps I could persuade you to lead one of those task forces? "Well, we learned one thing about Carter Harrison: he knows how to make a good first impression, at least on some agency heads I know." Colleen blushed again.

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