Dating overly attached girlfriend

Exactly a year after the initial JB fan video, Morris had over 595,000 subscribers and 76,500,000 views on You Tube.

A week after, her subscriber count went up to 605,000 and the views rose to 77,400,000, with the initial JB fan video holding 15,600,000 of those views and her follow-up CRJ fan video holding 18,600,000 views.

Because there's one things humans have, and that's emotions. If emotional attachments develop in the course of the physical attachment, you may have yourself a full-blown "Mutually, Disgustingly Attached" type of thing going on. If the relationship ends at this point, there will be hurt. So you start chatting and talking to your friends about your next move. It's not okay to make your lover "Say My [Your] Name" at all times of day and when you're calling him or her, no matter what Destiny's Child said. However, if you happen to meet, say, in jail, perhaps while you're visiting Sally Tomato in Sing Sing for the weather report and he, well, who knows what he's there for, you really didn't have time to ask, that's basically a meet-cute and youjust be able to make it to a next level of attachment, assuming no one gets up to any funny business. You are the last two people on this earth, and you must decide: Would you touch each other with a 10-foot pole? Point being, you're the last two people on this earth.

Alternatively, you may simply be leading one another around by handcuffs, or perhaps a piece of rope. Photo: Linda Montano and Tehching Hsieh Art/Life: (a.k.a. So you brace yourself, you listen to Lisa Loeb's "Stay" when your handsome suitor hasn't made plans with you and it's Wednesday afternoon. And they ask and tell you simple things like, "Who asked who out last time? But yes, at this point you've become so attached that reciprocal forms of attachment just won't suffice, and you think he or she must be cheating. Stop trying to figure out how attached you are and go stockpile cans of soup to prepare for the alien invasion.

As of December 21, 2015, her You Tube channel has more than 1,285,312 subscribers and more than 144,885,832 views.

Her username is still "wzr0713" officially, but her display name now identifies her as "Laina".

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But as much as we try to deny it, we're all attachment daters on some level.A parody of Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" was uploaded on December 17, 2012.A parody of "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction uploaded on January 14, 2013 was done not as OAG.Overly Attached Girlfriend, often abbreviated to OAG, is a fictional character and an Internet meme originating in a viral You Tube video published on June 6, 2012.The character was created by Laina Morris (born June 22, 1991), better known mononymously as Laina.

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