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Buy now Finding balance in life is always a juggling act, but this inexpensive anti-oxidant-rich oil will bring calm and serenity to the end of a chaotic day.

The blend includes calming damask rose, anxiety-fighting patchouli leaf, relaxing cedar-wood and mood boosting bergamot with an omega-packed base of nourishing pomegranate and apricot oils.

Choose one that will boost circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage (poor drainage is responsible for sluggish systems, poor skin tone and cellulite) and banish toxins.

Nature's detoxifiers included in this oil are purifying cypress, stimulating juniper berry and energising grapefruit.

Either add three-four drops to running bath water and sink in for a soporific soak, or apply a full pipette to your décolletage, take a shower and allow the oil to spread.

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Buy now Busy work life, small children at home, a rigorous daily commute - whatever your stresses, most people's daily lives need an injection of patience.This is an old fashioned rose scent -but the little kick of blackcurrant and geranium give it a modern edge so it doesn't smell like your granny's bath products.Buy now Take advantage of a long hot soak on cold winter and spring evenings with a good detoxifying oil.Buy now A serious pick-me-up to beat the winter blues, this citrus-packed offering is perfect for a spring energy boost after months of grey skies and cold weather.Open the bottle and inhale the incredible citrus hit, pour under running water and then soak up the scent of Sicilian lemon groves.

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