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Both versions have three buttons, and it’s not obvious what any of them is for.The “M” button, we guessed correctly, is for “Menu”.On this basis we agreed to retest the device, however we stick by the original verdict] Installation ★☆☆☆☆ It’s a nice size and shape, so it doesn’t take up much room on the windscreen, but it only has an adhesive mount so you’ll need to get its position right first time.Requires an app so you can’t get started until you’ve connected the camera to your phone, which, is not at all simple.

The third, located on the side, we worked out through a process of elimination while struggling to follow the laughably-named “Quick Start” guide is the Power button.Dash cams can help insurers identify fraudulent claims and determine who is at fault, so some offer a discount for drivers who have one installed, as long as they agree to provide footage on request (check with your insurer to see if a deal is available with your chosen dashcam).Bear in mind that police will get involved if someone has been injured in an accident; they have the power to seize footage, which may be used as evidence.Our detailed findings are below, with the models now grouped by year of review as well a budget, so this is the best place to come for information on the top dashcams currently available.The Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates that 30,000 “crash for cash” incidents – for example, when a driver slams on their brakes to make a following car hit them – take place every year.

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