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When a beautiful lady greets you on your television screen and impresses you with her job, then you often wonder about the personal life of the woman. Though they have been married for only about two years now, we do not think divorce is a matter of issue in their life. Caption: Such a lovely view and with the loved ones, even more unique.

She didn’t do much to discourage them, either, telling John Molori in 2005 “NESN has never put rules down to me about dating players, colleagues or anyone else.

If they did, I wouldn’t work there.” When Heidi Watney was with NESN, she faced rumors of relationships with Red Sox players Jason Varitek and Nick Green.

He joined the Globe in 1962 and became a mentor to the younger writers coming on board, people like Bob Ryan and Peter Gammons.

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Mother' Day is a special day when you can make your mother feel more special.

He arrived in Boston in the mid-1950’s, and according to Howard Bryant’s had been told to avoid talking about race and the Red Sox, even while they were the last remaining MLB team to integrate.

Collins also was passionate about the Celtics, and became friends with Red Auerbach, playing tennis with the Celtics boss.

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