Houston lesbian dating

"May we all have a friend who will fight for us."NEWS: Angela Bassett: Whitney 'Let Me Know' I Could Make Lifetime Biopic Bassett, who made her directorial debut with the TV biopic, reveals that even she was accused of being lesbian when she began her life in Hollywood."Listen, it’s been said of me.

I moved to LA and lived with a friend of mine who was an actress -- I didn’t wanna live alone in this big town! "Then after a while there was speculation, and it was like, 'Lord, let me get my own place!

I don't think he was by any means an angel but I think he genuinely loved her and they had a dysfunctional relationship.

'I think they were un-dysfunctional in that they wanted to experience everything together and they went down this crazy ride together.

I don't know what kind of conclusive proof one wants except this is the closest relationship for years that Whitney had.'They shared a house together; they often shared the same bed.

I think the most important thing is that it was the most productive, supportive and creative relationship that she had for probably 15 years.'In the movie Ellin states her belief that Whitney was bisexual, having feelings for both Robyn and her husband Bobby Brown.

In the documentary, her former bodyguard David Roberts even said that Robyn and Brown would have physical fights over their shared loved of the singer, and the intensity of their relationship even led to her exile from Whitney's inner circle.

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He told Mail Online: 'It's almost like people want the condom or here's the stained sheet.

Now, whatever else you wanna read or tell or say--it's good, it's bad-- it’s what you put on it."FLASHBACK: Watch a Very Shy Whitney Houston in Her First ET Interview In a 2000 cover story, Whitney herself also addressed the rumors."I suppose it comes from knowing people…who are," she speculated.

Whitney Houston's closest friends believe she was in a lesbian relationship with her assistant.

'I think Clive Davis did such a brilliant job so it kind of made sense that Bobby Brown wasn't the villain that he was portrayed.

It's amazing how effective that job that Clive Davis did was, he sold it and it worked.

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