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This will be the start of a large project researching the history of the Indian communities in Bangkok.This photo was taken at the opening of Indian Workers' Association offices on 18 Featherstone Road, Southall, in 1962. In the late nineteenth century, workers’ associations emerged as pre-party organisations throughout Europe, often as fronts for fledgling Communist parties to represent workers outside of the trade union movement. This provided an opportunity for those interviewed to tell their own stories about the heritage of the IWA in Southall and for the project team to preserve this history in film for future generations. The formation of the Indian Workers’ Association (IWA) in Coventry from 1938 onwards was the outcome of a number of activities involving immigrant workers that spans not only Europe, but also the Americas. These volunteers, with the help of film-makers at digital:works, conducted film interviews with founding members of the IWA and their families.This will fund events in India and Bangkok in November and December 2013.The exhibition from the Southall project will be shown at the India International Centre in Delhi, 13-22 November.New forms of performing arts were created out of the coming together of artists from different communities and backgrounds, leading to innovative forms of performance and artistic expression.

The UK's first IWA branch was set up in Coventry in 1938.Various attempts were made to unite the multiple local IWA branches, to create a single unified national Indian Workers' Association, but due to the political factions which formed within the IWA, two main centres of activity emerged – in Southall (West London) and in Birmingham.Two organisations, The Indian Workers' Association, Great Britain (IWA GB) and the Indian Workers' Association, Southall (IWA) became the main focus for organising. Its founding members included Amar Singh Takhar, Jaswant Singh Dhami, Ajit Singh Rai, Harbans Singh Ruprah, Vishnu Dutt Sharma and Rattan Singh Sandhu.Start date: 1st May 2011End date: 30th October 2013 The Department of Drama has been awarded a major grant from the AHRC to undertake a two and a half year project researching the cultural history of Southall.The project is a collaboration between the Department of Drama at the University of Exeter, the Department of Dance Studies at Roehampton University, and the founding members of 'The Southall Story' organisation.

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