Meaning of non sedating

At larger recreational doses: after a couple caps of crystal, you may get pretty worked up about things. It can be more of a head trip too, as opposed to the body buzz of smaller doses.

Experiences range from feelings of well-being to a sense of power and superiority, to bizarre repetitive behaviour, including: Along with the speeding up of physical functions, crystal increases alertness and stimulates the nervous system.

We are drawn to sources of energy both internal and external.

If the situation is not safe for you (for whatever reason), then leave the scene and call 911 immediately and give them all the details you can.

Also remember that when you call 911 the police, ambulance and firefighters may all come.

The experience may include: Higher and higher still after a few days of using crystal, the undesired, unexpected (depending on how seasoned a user you are) and unpleasant symptoms get stronger (especially if you're increasing the dose as you go along). Whether you call it psychosis, freaking out or coming down for a week after a binge, it is usually an unpleasant trip.

In other words speed parties/binges usually end up something like this: Ever heard of amphetamine psychosis? It is a mental disturbance similar to paranoid schizophrenia, with the experience being an exaggeration of the short term effects of really high doses which can range from extreme fear (although not sure exactly what you're afraid of) to aggression and/or suspicion (usually that everyone is out to get you, that people -even friends- have ulterior motives or that other people are following you for whatever reason).

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