Norah jones dating history

Smug jazzbos who put on Pat Metheny when they are in the mood to fuck shit up.

Tweedy Lebowskian dinner-party bores with pierced ears and patched elbows who drink too much and stay too long.

Friday 04/11/2008 Actor and activist George Clooney describes his new role as the U. messenger of peace, the controversy surrounding the Olympics, and his movie "Leatherheads." Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Norah Jones talks about her acting debut in "My Blueberry Nights," which also stars Jude Law.

To celebrate our return to publishing the print version of MAGNET three years ago, we will be posting classic cover stories from that time all week. It sounds—and, more importantly, feels—like raindrops falling on your head.

Despite the fact that her net worth is well north of million, she still uses words like “numbnuts” and “switcheroonie.” Also, she is, like Warren Buffett and precious few other members of the One Percent, more than happy to pay more taxes to provide for the common good. She has duetted with Ray Charles (“I cried when I met him”), Belle And Sebastian (“nicest people on the planet”), Andre 3000, Herbie Hancock, Dave Grohl (“Of course I said yes; I mean, dude, I used air-drum to Nevermind when I was a kid”), Dolly Parton (“She asked me to sing with her at the Country Music Awards, which was the sweetest thing ever”), Q-Tip, Ryan Adams and Willie Nelson. In late February, I met Norah Jones at a Mexican restaurant near her home in Brooklyn that shall remain nameless so that she may be able to continue to patronize it in relative peace from the stalkerazzi.

“So, pretty much I have a rule: Like, don’t pay attention to it.

“Yeah, all that was really lame; they played really nasty,” Jones says of the opponents of her window installation plans.

“And let the record show that I’ve never had bed bugs.” This is, in part, why she never reads her press.

“Actually, most of my neighbors have been wonderful; there’s only two that have not been cool,” she says. I’m like, ‘OK, I’m in my bathrobe; I only answered the door because I thought it was Fed Ex.’” Things got so heated that one unnamed neighbor bragged to a reporter that she would hide the countertop display copies of Norah Jones CDs at the nearby Starbucks out of spite.

Another spread the rumor that Jones brought bed bugs with her to Cobble Hill, which, in this day and age, is only a few magnitudes of exaggeration shy of saying she was putting HIV in the local water supply.

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