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Authorized Users are not required to have a specific registration.Authorized Users must receive training for lab-specific use of controlled substances.The DEA policy has specific procedures to be followed when purchasing controlled substances: The purchase of C-I and C-II substances require completion of a DEA Form 222.DEA Form 222 Order Forms PDF version of blank Form 222 After the DEA has approved your use of C-I or C-II controlled substances, they will send you the DEA Forms 222.

Follow the guidance provided in "Using DEA Form 222 to Order Controlled Substances," The NYBP exists to protect the public from adulterated, misbranded and illicit drugs, and from unethical or unprofessional conduct on the part of pharmacists or other licensees.The NYBP requires researchers using controlled substances to obtain an NYBP registration certificate. The DEA policy for, , contains several unique terms that form the structure of the policy: For each of these terms, think about how it applies in your facility.Unit Registrant: A person who is appointed by the administrator to hold the DEA and NYSBP registrations for the Unit, exercises signature authority and approves or appoints the Location Registrants for the Unit. Location Registrant: A person, usually the principal investigator (PI) or lab supervisor, who obtains an NYSBP registration for the (lab) Location, supervises the Authorized Users and assures compliance with the controlled substances policy and regulations at the Location.Authorized Users: All personnel who perform one or more activities (receiving, using, disposing, etc.) with research controlled substances under supervision of a Location Registrant.

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