R rated sim dating games

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ASK HER TO HAVE A LOOK AROUND AND TRY GETTING HER TO TAKE HER TOP OFF. TAKE HER TO THE PARK, ASK TO SEE HER WORK, THEN SUGGEST BREAKING IN. WHEN YOU GET TO HER BOSS`S OFFICE, ASK ABOUT HIM, THEN SUGGEST SABOTAGING SOMETHING. ULTIMATLEY, THE SHOWER ENDING REQUIRES A `DRINK LEVEL` OF 3, AND AN `INFLUENCE LEVEL` OF 3. RESPECT THE GUARD OUTSIDE, AND SUGGEST ERICA SLIPS INTO THE DRESS WHEN THE OPTION COMES UP. IF SHE DOESN`T LET YOU BUY ANOTHER, RESTART THE GAME AND TRY AGAIN. USING ABOVE WALKTHROUGHS IF YOU NEED MORE PRECISE EXPLAINATIONS, BEFORE ENTERING THE CLUB, DO THE FOLLOWING IN THIS ORDER : - BUY HER A DRINK WHEN YOU MEET HER - BUY HER A DRINK AT THE RESTAURANT - BUY HER THE MAID COSTUME AT THE SEX SHOP - SHOW HER YOUR BOSS`S OFFICE AND PRETEND IT`S YOURS. ALTERNATIVE : IF YOU BOUGHT THE CAMERA AT THE STORE EARLIER, WHEN YOU GET HOME, THERE SHOULD BE AN OPTION FOR YOU TO TAKE A FEW PICTURES. THERE IS NO ACTUAL CHANGE TO THE SEX, BUT IT`S A DIFFERENT ROUTE THERE. I`d be glad to meet her again ))) FUN IN THE SHOWER- *When first meeting Erica in the Bar, politely approach her and suggest gerring drinks. *Go to the store and buy something for her, say shoes. CASINO ROUTE- Follow everything in the above Park Walkthrough with the following exveptions : * The First time in the bar, talk to her instead of buying a drink. * Buy the dress as the store rather then the camera * Forget the dildo * When you get to the option of walking home through the park, instead go to the casino. Ask to take a picture because she`s hot and you`re learning. *In the jacuzzi room, ask her to stand up against the wall and ne spontaneous. Alternative : For a blowjob ending, when you reach the jacuzzi, ask her to get in.Erica isn`t impressed and this limits opportunities to get anywhere with her. If I head home through the park I still get the same ending of her in the made costume the sitting on the couch. I don´t know what to do in the naked fun in the park ending. Has quite a bit of different scenarios so you`re never sure what`s going to work. It was funny though, especially when the club owner snatched my date for some lesbian action. Im not sure if anyone else noticed this but in the scene where you take her to the port, the port scene is from the video game HITMAN : CONTRACTS . great fun playing the game, loving the site, and the intelligent comments. TELL SHE`S HOT AND EXCLAIM THAT YOU WANT HER TO TAKE SOMETHING OFF.I can go to some of the photographs, but then they come under this image and says this "You`ve been pretty naughty so far. FUN IN THE SHOWER WHEN FIRST MEETING ERICA IN THE BAR, POLITELY APPROACH HER AND SUGGEST GETTING DRINKS. GO TO THE STORE AND BUY SOMETHING FOR HER, SAY SHOES. ASK TO TAKE A PICTURE BECAUSE SHE`S HOT AND YOU`RE LEARNING. IN THE JACUZZI ROOM, ASK HER TO STAND UP AGAINST THE WALL AND BE SPONTANEOUS. ALTERNATIVE : FOR A BLOWJOB ENDING, WHEN YOU REACH THE JACUZZI, ASK HER TO GET IN.Leilani is absulutely the best because all of her endings are great and she is so beautiful, fun and sexy. In my opinion, this is the best game from the author of the Virtual Date Girls series.It has excellent graphics and a good level of difficult. Be patient when solving it, and don`t go looking for spoilers - why ruin your fun?

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