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I also sell greetings cards, fridge magnets and mugs using the poster images.email: [email protected] Mancunian way is not to be confused with the Mancunian Way.The former - the mindset and spirit of the city's people - is very special indeed.The magnificent 'Seven Arches' viaduct over the Micker Brook?

Not for the thin-skinned or people with a sense of humour bypass.And what better way of linking Manchester with London?Of course the poor capital, bless it, comes off worse in the comparison. But then again I am a completely biased Mancunian who loves everything about this great northern metropolis and its lovely little satellite towns.Love goes out to Laurence Hopkins, a mate and one-time resident of the Range, who helped me with the research. compares my work with old railway posters - except I'd never painted a train - until now.

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