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DSExecute Set a status message for a job to return as a termination message when it finishes DSSet User Status Q 42 What is Routines?Q 47 What are different activities in job sequencer?We can increase it by going into Datastage Administrator and selecting the Tunable Tab and specify the cache size over there.Dynamic files do not perform as well as a well, designed static file, but do perform better than a badly designed one.(conditional, unconditional, otherwise) Q 49 Are u generated job Reports?

A) Orchestrate itself is an ETL tool with extensive parallel processing capabilities and running on UNIX platform.

While using Hash partition we specify the Partition Key.

Differentiate Database data and Data warehouse data?

We can declare stage variable in transform, we can call routines, transform, macros, functions.

Its input type is literal string & output type is string.

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